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Is Healing one of the bows of the Path of the Tao?

Updated: Apr 11

Any cure for chronic anxieties, depressions, traumas that manifest themselves as imbalances or illnesses also involves resolving energy excesses and deficiencies, if we look for the causes of the causes, as I explain in the analogy of the bow in the Tao Te Ching . It is necessary to equalize, balance and resolve.

To achieve this, self-knowledge is essential, but to achieve knowledge of ourselves, we need perspective. Immersed in the symptoms of imbalances or illnesses, immersed in the drama of suffering, it is very difficult to elevate our perspective on ourselves. In order to be able to shoot the arrow of attention towards the target of the Universal Mind , outside the perspective of the Individual Mind , it is necessary to elevate it, and we can use a quantum instrument that is an innate capacity of the human Being, which is in everything similar to the Path of Tao : Healing.

Healing is the use of our internal instrument - the focus of attention - to regulate and use our energy creatively. Healing is the cultivation of the connection between the spirit and the body through the soul - which is the energetic structure of our Being. Healing is knowing how to consciously become energy receptacles. Healing is the simple observation of being receptacles of energy, light and information.

The healing process that I write about begins simply and without touch. With the observer effect - the task without action is observation - and quantum entanglement as a base context, facilitating, inducing a state of consciousness quieting your mind is possible, even from a distance.

These energy frequencies that manifest as waves of light vibration, carry information, are regenerative, inducing you to your healthiest mental state: a quiet mind leads to a broader perspective of yourself, which leads you to know more about yourself, being the observer of yourself .

You will be able to experience the entanglement and observer effect in your life. As everything is interconnected and correlated at some level, you can create space for regeneration from your perspective.

Using the Healing facilitator's attention on you, this otherwise always slow process of reaching a state of healthy consciousness, outside of fear, is accelerated.

If your attention observes the world using your individual mind, it is seeing through the perspective of fear, scarcity, immersed in suffering. It is a lower, negative spiral. It's like seeing the world through a telescope. You focus on the details and lose the global vision. Lose perspective. This is what leads to suicide.

If your attention can focus outside your individual mind, it means that the latter is quiet, peaceful, still. Only then can you begin to observe from above, without distractions from fear - thoughts.

It is the natural and healthy state of consciousness of the human being, which became very rare when we fell into separation and duality leading to fear and then to imbalances and illnesses.

These frequencies induce this meditative state after a few minutes of healing.

There are several ways in which this process can unfold, as I have seen over these intense ten years as a facilitator.

People recognize this state of consciousness right at the end of the facilitation most of the time. Some may need more healing to be able to recognize this state, but the process has already started to accelerate, even without this recognition. Usually, other sensations or incoming information play the role of making themselves noticed, so that this recognition exists.

It remains - the state of consciousness of meditation, of presence, with a quiet mind - for a few hours or days. Eventually, after a few days or weeks, we no longer are in it. But we can return to it, if we decide so, just by taking a deep breath and choosing it.

Other times, the circumstances are so strong that it is more difficult to maintain it - in this case, I advise the spiritual hygiene of being alone, in silence, breathing consciously for a few minutes a day - and paying attention to the healing frequencies by incorporating this practice, this skill that we all have in potential.

When you pay attention to the void, to the silence, these regenerating frequencies have more strength - as you become a receptacle for them - to regenerate what you need to balance.

Here, you are in the collective mind, in your expanded, energetic, true self. It's the positive spiral. There are no thoughts here, but certainties can come in words, which you will feel are true and safe. It is the information that the light contains, that you have opened yourself to. And your individual mind heals some more of the distortion it holds, for it is fear, and the fear will diminish until it is replaced by pure inner joy, as the reconnection happens - your individual mind is immersed in more and more light from the collective mind, which calms, clarifies and guides it.

Healing is a bow that points our arrow of attention to the quantum target within us, elevating our state of consciousness effortlessly. It is the conscious use of attention, focusing it on the portal that, after all, we are, and connecting with this expanded SELF, connected to everything and flowing in our essence.

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