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A blog about the transformative journey of a woman who overcame trauma and found cure through a combination of healing, meditation, yoga and shamanic practices.


Depth and horizon, new vision explored,

In the magic of existence, truth is restored.

The experience of Ultimate Reality consists of a state of consciousness different from that experienced through the mind. When our attention, like an arrow, sticks to this target of the Supreme Reality, we then perceive the Totality, the Unity, the Eternity of the Supreme Reality in every cell of our body, feeling our consciousness far beyond it and experiencing the total connection with the Whole. Observing in this state of consciousness outside the mind the changing and ephemeral reality of our material reality, new colors appear, the view gains depth and horizon and magic begins to manifest itself. 


The Ultimate Reality

In Swami Ritajananda's book "Hindu Thought", sufficient strength and correct direction of the arrow are highlighted as essential requirements for hitting the target. Mundaka Upanishad uses the image of the bow and arrow to illustrate the process of meditation. Just as the arrow flies towards the target, the meditation practitioner's attention is directed to the target through the sacred syllable OM, symbolized by the bow. The target of meditation is the Ultimate Reality, which is experienced as the state of consciousness of mystical ecstasy, known as Samadhi.

flecha a sair do meio da testa_edited.jpg
The vertical arrow, with strength and clear direction,
Symbolizes the path to rare enlightenment.

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