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The Quantum Target: Concepts of Quantum Physics and Its Spiritual Analogies - Unified Field of Interconnected Consciousness and the Capacity for Creation

Updated: Apr 11

The consciousness state of an individual is the subjective experience of their inner and outer perception. It's the lens through which they interpret and interact with the world, shaping their thoughts, emotions, and reality itself. Meanwhile, the concept of consciousness in a broader sense is explored here as an informational field accessed by the individual.

Spirituality encompasses various belief systems, practices, and philosophies seeking to understand deeper aspects of existence beyond the material realm. It explores the nature of self, the universe, and the divine, offering paths to inner peace, enlightenment, and transcendence. Each spiritual tradition uses its own concepts and imagery, yet shares similar characteristics. One such shared characteristic is the attention to the individual's energetic state, their state of consciousness, in pursuit of inner peace and happiness, thus addressing matters of consciousness.

Quantum physics initially had no concerns regarding matters of consciousness when delving into the mysterious world of subatomic particles and the fundamental laws governing the universe at its most microscopic levels. However, it stumbled upon fundamental human existential questions as classical understanding of reality began to be challenged by paradoxes found in phenomena such as entanglement, non-locality, and the observer effect, which defy our conventional notions of space, time, and causality.

These paradoxes arise when attempting to understand these quantum phenomena using classical physics rules. By comprehending the new laws of quantum physics and constructing a new model to untangle the perceived impossibilities, a new paradigm emerges.

Surprisingly, this new paradigm shares the same principles and laws that ancient spirituality illustrated across various traditions worldwide, revealing the striking similarities between two seemingly distant worlds: science and spirituality.

Today, spirituality and quantum physics together offer a holistic framework for understanding the nature of reality and our place within it. Their convergence invites us to explore the interaction between the visible and the invisible, the tangible and the intangible, the known and the unknown. By integrating information from these two fields, we gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries of existence and the unlimited potential of human experience.


Analyzing the four quantum characteristics that challenge our materialistic view of existence from a spiritual perspective, we can say that non-locality invites us to consider the idea of a unified field of consciousness permeating all existence; entanglement invites us to contemplate the interconnected nature of existence; the observer effect underscores the idea that consciousness attention is not merely a passive observer of reality but an active participant in its creation, inviting us to explore the nature of perception and the relationship between consciousness and the material world, between the inside and outside perspective of space-time.

This unified field of consciousness is analogous to the zero-point field, from which manifestation arises, collapsing waves into particles through the observer effect. It is in the zero-point field that non-locality and entanglement express themselves. Here, I explore the connection between the notion of Tao from Taoism by Lao Tzu and the Zero Point Field: Tao and the Zero Point.

So, the internal target we aim for is invisible to our eyes but is our essence, from where we extend as humans, the eternal within us: it is the consciousness state beyond space-time, here and now, resulting from focusing attention on energetic vibration, the invisible, the silence of individual mind, the connection with the spirit we are.

This target can manifest anywhere and in anything because the essence is everywhere. When focusing on any part of ourselves, it has an amplifying effect that leads to healing. I explore the connection of attention focus to the third eye, the quantum antenna providing us with all the quantum information we are willing to receive, coming from the Zero Point Field or, if you prefer, from Tao, the Source, Intelligence.

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