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Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

The main objective of energy healing is to elevate general or particular well-being, physical, emotional or mental, or all, by unblocking, elevating or balancing the individual's energy flow, through interference in that individual's energetic structure.

As energy healing we may want to refer to any improvement in a person's general well-being. An increase in your vibration frequency, meaning regeneration, recovery, unlocking, reconnection, cleaning, etc.

But to consider this topic we have to look at the adjective energetic. Energy healing goes beyond simple physical recovery and involves improving a person's energetic state, considering the existence of dimensions beyond conventional space-time.

So, when we refer to an energetic cure we are referring to an improvement in the energetic state, which presupposes the energetic existence of a person and has a holistic approach, where body, mind and spirit are interconnected.

An energetic cure, then, is an interference with the energetic body(s), improving them, causing the biological body to regenerate as well, as well as the emotional and mental.

Assumptions of Energy Healing

So, when we refer to energetic healing we are referring to an improvement in the energetic state, which presupposes that energetic healing is based on models:

  • in which the human body has an energetic structure - subtle, invisible, non-local, multidimensional and connected to everything,

  • with a holistic approach, where body, mind and spirit are interconnected with each other and with the whole,

  • following the principle that interfering with the individual's energetic state, improving it, promotes physical, emotional and mental improvements,

  • in which the human body's own capacity for self-healing, regeneration and return to balance is promoted with improvements in the flow of energy in its energetic structure.

Human Body with Energetic Structure

By exploring the principles of quantum physics, we can begin to understand the complexity of the human being as an energetic being, composed of atoms whose nucleus is infinite and yet mysterious. Atoms that interconnect into molecules, stretching time and creating the illusion of matter. Molecules that are built in cells, reflections of the codes of the consciousness cell that we are. Phenomena at the subatomic level are governed by laws that defy our traditional understanding of space and time.

The energetic body(s) define the state of the physical body, and the mental and emotional state.

According to many spiritual traditions and some quantum physics perspectives, energetic bodies are considered to be the foundations of the physical body. They are seen as the most subtle and essential aspects of the human being, which directly influence the state and health of the physical body. These energetic body(s) are understood as energy fields that permeate and interact with the physical body. They include the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body, and other subtler aspects of consciousness.

When there are imbalances, blockages or disturbances in the energy bodies, this can manifest as illnesses or physical problems in the biological body. For example, chronic emotional stress can lead to muscle tension, headaches, and other physical symptoms. Likewise, negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs can influence mental and emotional health.

Therefore, when approaching energy healing, it is important to work not only with the physical body, but also with the underlying energetic bodies. By restoring balance and harmony at the deepest energetic levels, we can promote healing and well-being throughout the being, which includes the physical body.


Non-Locality and Quantum Entanglement

Non-locality refers to the property of quantum systems where the effects of interactions between sub-particles are not confined to a specific location or region of space. Quantum entanglement is the phenomenon characterized by the deep correlation of sub-particles, in such a way that the state of one sub-particle instantly indicates the state of the other, regardless of the distance between them.

In classical physics, interactions between objects are typically localized and propagate through space at finite speeds. However, in quantum mechanics, particles can instantly influence each other's states regardless of distance. This suggests that subatomic particles can be instantly interconnected, without considering the physical distance between them.

Descending Causation

Downward causation is a quantum concept that tells us that influences from the higher, subtler systems of reality (such as the energetic or conscious aspects) define the lower, denser, more tangible levels (such as the material or physical aspects). According to recent conclusions from quantum physics, it is the non-local that defines the local.

This means that attention, intentions, thoughts, emotions and vibrational state influence events and processes in the physical world, going beyond the laws of classical physics. This connects the quantum paradigm, with its probabilistic and non-local nature, to the holistic paradigm, which recognizes the interconnection between all aspects of reality.

Applying this concept to the human being and presupposing the existence of this human being as an energetic being, therefore possessing an energetic body(s), we can say that, then, the energetic body is prior to the biological body. It shows us that the invisible world defines the visible world and energetically supports it. Thus, health problems are seen as manifestations of energy imbalances.


According to many spiritual traditions and some emerging scientific theories, the energetic body is considered prior to the biological body and is multidimensional, in the sense that it exists beyond space-time. This view suggests that the human being is much more than just a physical body. Even before taking on a biological form, we are energetic beings that exist on multidimensional levels. By understanding the energetic body as multidimensional, we recognize that it is not confined to the constraints of time and space as we perceive them in our everyday reality. Instead, it operates on subtler, deeper levels, where consciousness and energy are the predominant forces.


When blockages or imbalances in the energetic bodies are corrected, it can facilitate a state of balance and well-being on all levels of being. This can include regeneration of the biological body, relief of physical symptoms, reduction of emotional stress, mental clarity, and even spiritual expansion.

Types of Energy Healing

Within energy cures - practices that aim to improve energy bodies - there are direct and indirect cures.


Interference in 4D

What influences the Multidimensional

Which in turn influences 4D

Through something four-dimensional, one interferes with the energy flow of the multidimensional energetic structure, trying to improve it, hoping for improvements in the physical state - in the four-dimensional. Indirect energy cures use techniques and tools that operate within physical space-time, such as acupuncture, medication, massage, hypnotherapy, NLP, bioenergetics, among others. While these practices can be effective in facilitating energetic healing, they are also subject to the limitations and characteristics of the physical world.

Indirect are those that use instruments and techniques. And why are they indirect? Because they imply doing, action, an objective and a procedure and therefore, they bring energetic healing to the space-time field. Within the space-time plane, we interfere with what is not on the space-time line: meditation using breathing, yoga using movement, acupuncture using the needle, bioenergetics using magnets, massage using touch, sleep using rest, medication using chemistry, supplements using minerals, reiki and other techniques using intention and hypnotherapy using the individual mind, which is of space-time.


Interference in the Multidimensional

What influences 4D

The only direct way we have is through attention, the only direct place to stimulate energetic healing is as a neutral observer, an attentive witness, creating the distance to nullify it with our gaze. Direct energetic healings involve attention rather than intention or physical techniques or instruments. This means that healing is accomplished without direct interference with physical space-time, but rather through a state of neutral awareness or observation. In this sense, the practice is a more subtle and internalized experience, where the practitioner's own presence and awareness are the main catalysts for healing.

Observer Effect

In classical physics, observation is seen as a passive process that does not disturb the system being observed. However, in quantum mechanics, the act of measurement inherently disrupts the state of the system, a phenomenon called the Observer Effect.

Attention, neutral observation, is the most direct way to stimulate energetic healing, we are able to reinforce the downward causation that always promotes the regeneration and information of the system further down. There is no need to act here, there are no steps or procedures.

By not using intention, we do not limit the interference of this downward causation, trying to direct or manipulate it.

This approach invites us to explore the nature of consciousness and its relationship to energy healing in a deeper and more meaningful way. By becoming mindful witnesses of our own experience, we can open doors to healing and transformation at subtler, more essential levels of our being.

Conscious and Neutral Observation of the Zero Field

I speak of neutral observation of the multidimensional, interconnected, non-local, invisible, which quantum physics defines as Field Zero.

Field Zero

A fundamental concept in quantum physics, the zero field or vacuum state is the fundamental backdrop from which quantum phenomena and physical phenomena emerge.

The zero field is characterized by an inherent energy that permeates everything, even empty space, embodying pure potentiality and being the source of all manifestations.

It is from where the physical world emerges like an interlining where matter is woven. Within the zero field - infinite possibilities - this other structure with only four dimensions emerged - the physical world.

Descending causation shows us that the invisible world - the Zero Field - contains all Information, all dimensions and all combinations of dimensions that give rise to differentiated universes - defines the visible world and energetically supports it. It also happens like this in the human being: there is a physical body and the zero field from which it emerged. Between it and the zero field, there will be our energetic bodies, inside and around it, which also emerged from the Zero Field and are closer in dimensions. The human being has his part that is invisible to his senses but that his attention can capture.

Conscious Observation of the Zero Field is the most direct form of Energy Healing

Conscious field observation refers to the practice of directing our attention and awareness to the subtler aspects of reality, including the energetic field that surrounds and permeates all living beings. This is where Reconnective Healing or Reconnective Healing, the direct form of energetic healing, is categorized.


So the visible is born from an invisible energetic structure that comes from the zero field. As if in a sea of possibilities a code manifested loss of dimension - collapse - and manifestation of the space-time structure where three dimensions of space and one of time create a network, a fabric where matter manifests itself, and biology. It is the evolution from the simple to the complex, from unity to diversity. From stillness to expansion, opening tunnels within the zero field, creating infinite bubbles of space and time in different combinations, creating infinite universes of different infinite qualities. The pattern seems to be codes that unfold into codes and execute by unfolding.

Found in one of the arms of the spiral of our constellation, we are another human being on this planet, in this here and now. And we have the capacity to pay attention to the invisible, to the zero field, which, and we can mention here the observer effect that quantum physics describes - when doing so consciously, creates yet another point of contact for receiving the energy of the entire field zero.

Because if we have vital energy, it is because this connection exists and the energy travels through the space-time structure to animate - give life - our body here and now. The full consciousness of the zero field, which contains all information, created universes within itself with less information but never losing access to it completely. However, it becomes more complex and diverse, more divided and more distant, individuating itself. Energy that is individuated without dividing or completely separating from the totality because it is within it. There is an extension, losing information and recreating itself, not a true separation.

However, the consciousness of the here and now easily connects to the matter we see, hear, touch and smell. And you get lost in this Universe, forgetting the totality that you still are.

When the consciousness that we are, here and now, focuses its attention on the invisible, miracles happen because the space-time structure is transcended in that instant, without effort, and the information we had that seemed scarce turns strangely into something that we understand without the need for intellect, mind, rationalization or materialization.

Descending causation creates all beings from Field Zero, like an arc that extends and multiplies. The attention of one of these conscious beings to Field Zero creates a return arc that completes the circuit through the observer effect.

Reconnective Healing

Facilitating a session is starting to create this feedback arc for someone before they even understand how to direct their attention. And by creating this arc for that person, the effects begin to be felt by them and by paying attention to them, they are able to sustain this arc alone without the facilitator.

At the end of the session, the receiver's attention will be more immersed in the invisible, making it easier to recognize what it is like to replicate it more often and keep part of their attention always there.

Jesus used the observer effect a lot in his miracles. He never looked at the sick person and saw him sick. He looked at the sick person and always perceived them to be perfect and complete. He made this arc with his attention and when the patient recognized himself in this perfect perception of Jesus, the miracle happened. Regeneration, healing, happens because the arch is closed and all available information is received.

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