Reconnective Healing

With just one session you will be able to experience another state of consciousness, more comprehensive and more coherent, and in the following days and weeks you will be able to experience a different perception of yourself and life, with different discoveries, at all levels.  


Reconnective Healing/Reconnective Healing® frequencies restore our original connection to our essence, allow us to instinctively tune into our highest version, facilitate the constant discovery of the true potential of our vibrational signature, and intensify our power of communication. -creation, according to the rhythms and flows of the universe.

In-person and Distance Sessions
Value per Session

My usual place of work is in Porto, at the Reconnectivity Center, where I will be delighted to welcome you to facilitate your Reconnective Healing/Reconnective Healing® or Personal Reconnection/Personal Reconnection® sessions. My available time for sessions is flexible, I often receive people who travel to sessions during the weekends.  

If you're out of Porto, don't be discouraged. You always have the possibility to receive sessions facilitated by me at a distance, with my accompaniment, or you can enjoy and visit the city of Porto, as my schedule is flexible, often receiving people who travel to the sessions during the weekends. Before we schedule your session, we will have a conversation where I will inform you about everything you need to know about this process that accelerates your return to balance and your evolution.  


The exchange value for each Reconnective Healing/Reconnective Healing® session facilitated by me is €120. You can receive from one to three sessions in a row - on consecutive days or with an interval between sessions of a few days - and only one session is needed to start the process - who decides how many and when is always you - and there is no diagnosis or prescription in our interaction.  

Sessions last 30 minutes, and I'll ask you to take off your shoes and lie on the table. During these 30 minutes, with your eyes closed, you will be able to experience these frequencies in yourself, and dive into an experience of yourself, in a profound way. It may happen that you don't feel anything, but it doesn't matter, because the process always starts and everyone receives something, as all my experience and all my colleagues prove to me, and even demonstrated by some scientific experiments with these frequencies. Before and after the sessions we will have brief conversations, and our meeting will last about an hour. 

Click to learn more about the  Reconnective Healing/Reconnective Healing® process here.

NOTE:  Some schedules may appear free, but are already busy. In case you can only get it on another day at a different time, you can contact me directly and dial by mobile: +351 917 525 478.