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Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner (RHFP) Foundation Professional Agreement:

(RH - Reconnective Healing, used in its translated form in Portuguese as Reconnective Cure; 

Personal Reconnection - Personal Reconnection; Reconnection - Reconnection; 

TheReconnection - Company; 

®™- Trademarks)



At the heart of the RH® Experience philosophy and application in professional practice are the following four principles:


  1. We are enough. Any attempt to increase the healing exchange by adding external sources of "power" immediately diminishes our ability to see ourselves as whole, worthy and in our own domain, and therefore diminishes our ability to receive and facilitate healing. When we fully recognize our integrity, it is reflected in our clients' RH Experiences™ as well as our own, and we transcend the experience of lack and limitation.

  2. The healing process resides exclusively in the realm of "Love". Including protective practices for our clients or ourselves introduces "fear and separation" into the healing equation, diluting the power of love to resonate as the sole dominant force in the interaction.

  3. We are not directing the healing process, or treating challenges or symptoms, or trying to achieve a specific outcome. When we withdraw our attention from what seems to be missing or out of balance, we become witnesses to the natural wholeness that exists at the level of our essence. This opens the door to limitless possibilities and allows this healing intelligence to create the opportunities for ideal and necessary changes and transformations. We, in turn, do not direct the process or try to influence the outcome of the experiment.

  4. We are not the channel or conduits for healing. We allow direct communication between our clients and Source or true essence, participating as a catalyst for that exchange. By stepping out of the "go-between" role, we free ourselves and our clients from the illusion that we are the channel for the transmission of Energy, Light and Information® and empower ourselves and others to recognize the direct and limitless connection with the source. As such, we become witnesses of its unfolding.


A. Mixture:


The above basic principles are essential for full access to the benefits and gifts of the HR Experience. Therefore, the following related parameters should be consistently applied by all Foundational HR Professionals:


  • During an HR professional session, under no circumstances should Foundational Professionals add or include any of the following:

    • Intentional use of sensory stimulation "enhancements" such as

      • Auditory: music, tones, bells, singing bowls, water sounds, etc.

      • Visual: Use of specific colored lighting or other visual stimulus.

      • Tactile: "enhanced" massage table pads - heated or textured (e.g. acupressure pads), magnetic or crystal-encrusted, etc.

      • Olfactory: essential oils (applied directly or by diffusion), scented candles, sprays, scented plants, etc.

    • The use of external adornments: crystals, energy grids, "healing" jewelry (necklaces, amulets, rings, bracelets, etc.), etc.

    • Rituals or objects of protection

    • The combined use or application of energy healing techniques, practices or rituals

    • The delivery of psychic or mediumistic messages (before, during or after the session)

    • Offering invocations, healing prayers or guided meditations - before, during or after the session

    • Focusing or directing energy for the purpose of "fixing, diagnosing and/or treating" and/or trying to influence or bring about specific changes in specific problems or challenges.


  • Foundational Practitioners also do not offer additional and/or supplemental energy healing practices where any of the aforementioned approaches are incorporated.

  • Foundational Practitioners do not subscribe to and/or practice any fear-based protections or rituals in any of their professional capacities.





B. Ethical Guidelines:


    • I understand that my clients are the most important part of my practice. I will treat them with professionalism, compassion and dignity.


    • I will provide a safe, clean, professional and appropriate environment for client sessions.


    • I will not ask my clients to undress (except for shoe removal).


C. No medical services:


  • I recognize that the people who come to me for Reconnective Healing® are clients, not patients, in connection with the Reconnective Healing® services I provide. If I am a licensed physician or other healthcare professional who has patients and/or provides medical and/or other healthcare services, including but not limited to psychological, psychiatric, or similar or related services, to an individual in that capacity, I acknowledge and agree that such medical and/or healthcare services are separate and separate from any Reconnective Healing® services I provide. I accept full responsibility for anything relating to these services.


  • I will communicate to my clients that Reconnective Healing® is not a medical treatment or therapeutic procedure, and is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. I will also communicate to my clients that they alone are responsible ​​ for seeking their own medical advice and care.


  • I will not diagnose, treat or advise on any medical symptom, condition, illness or disease, physical, mental or emotional, of any person practicing Reconnective Healing®.


  • I will make no promises or warranties or representations to clients about the results of the Reconnective Healing Experience™.





D. Communicate about Reconnective Healing® or any "Reconnective Information" (any and all information relating to Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection®, The Personal Reconnection™, its programs, training, etc.)



    • Unless I am an authorized member of The Reconnection, LLC ("Company") or The Reconnection Global Advisory Alliance (GAA), or have prior written permission from The Reconnection, LLC, I will limit my presentations of Reconnective Healing® and reconnect to fifteen (15) minutes or less. If I want to do longer presentations, I understand that I must collaborate with an approved member of The Reconnection Global Advisory Alliance (GAA).


    • There may be situations where I want to create, by myself or with third parties, written, photographic, video, audio-visual or other content about Reconnective Healing® or The Reconnection® or Reconnection Information. I will submit all proposed content to The Reconnection, LLC for pre-approval prior to:


(a) I publish, distribute or otherwise use such content through means I control (for example, posting on my own blog, website or social media account); and/or


(b) I submit such content to or otherwise encourage, enable or permit any third party to publish, distribute or otherwise use it, including but not limited to submitting to another website or publisher.



    • Only with the prior written consent of The Reconnection, LLC, will I conduct any interviews with, or make any appearances in, any media (whether print, television, radio, online, digital or in any other media known or not yet known) to discuss Reconnective Healing® or any reconnection information.


    • When communicating about Reconnective Healing® and/or any "Reconnection Information", I will not modify or add to the teachings I received from The Reconnection, LLC and/or any of its programs, trainings, instructors and/or representatives, etc._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


    • Unless I am specifically trained and authorized to do so in writing by The Reconnection, LLC and/or Reconnective Academy International, I will not teach anyone how to facilitate Reconnective Healing® and/or The Reconnection® and/or The Personal Reconnection™ and / or any form of healing and / or approach to healing that is the same as, substantially similar to or derived from the philosophy and approaches of Reconnective Healing®.


    • Although I am a Reconnective Healing® Practitioner, I must not say, do, state or publish, directly or indirectly, or assist anyone to say, do, state or publish, orally or in writing, directly or indirectly, anything derogatory or derogatory about : ​​(a) The Reconnection, LLC and/or any person and/or program in any way associated with The Reconnection, LLC; (b) Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection®, The Personal Reconnection™, Reconnective Events, Reconnection Information and/or any aspect of the Reconnective Healing® programs; and/or (c) Eric Pearl and/or Jillian Fleer.




E. Promoting my services as a Reconnective Healing® Practitioner


I understand that I may advertise, market and/or promote my status as a Founding Professional of Reconnective Healing®  and my offering of the Reconnective Healing® services, in which I have been trained and deemed eligible by the company to offer, with such tools including business cards, brochures, advertisements and websites. In doing so, I will comply with the following provisions:


  • In identifying my status as a Reconnective Healing® professional, I will only use titles that I have been qualified to use exactly as determined by the Company (such as "Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner" and/or "Reconnection-Certified Practitioner"). I must not modify or alter the name or description of the Classification in any way.


  • When creating printed or other forms of promotional material describing Reconnective Healing® and/or The Personal Reconnection®, I will ensure that all my descriptions and wording are consistent with the language published on the Company's website or in other written or promotional materials distributed by Company (such as the brochure entitled “Getting the Word Out,” or Dr. Eric Pearl's book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself). If I wish to create my own descriptions or material to describe Reconnective Healing® and/or The Personal Reconnection™, I understand that I must obtain prior written approval from The Reconnection, LLC for such material before printing, distributing, publishing or in any form , share and / or use anyone. Any assistance required for such reviews will be facilitated through collaboration with a member of the Global Advisory Alliance with applicable associated fees ​​ for mentoring support.


  • By promoting my Reconnective Healing® services or referencing my title and/or Classification, I agree to only promote and offer services that are permitted by my Classification and that are consistent with the current teachings of Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection®, The Personal Reconnection™, The Reconnection, LLC, and its approaches and philosophy. I acknowledge and accept that it is my responsibility to remain current with all of the above.


  • In all promotional materials I publish or distribute (including, but not limited to, business cards, brochures, advertisements and websites), I must include the following text: “For information on Reconnective Healing®, visit_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_www.TheReconnection.com.”



*All terms and conditions contained herein must also be retained for those who hold the title of Certified Reconnection Professional (CPR) and apply equally to the practice and promotion of The Reconnection® and/or The Personal Reconnection™ as well.


*The Certified Reconnection Professional (RCP) designation is reserved only for those who have successfully completed a Certified Reconnection Professional (RCPP) Program.


* Only Reconnection Certified Professionals (RCP) can facilitate Reconnection® and/or Personal Reconnection™.

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