Observe. Note. Experience. 

Official Training Levels


These are the steps to explore Reconnective Healing® frequencies further (first of all, if you haven't already done so, try a Reconnective Healing® session and enter this process, find out how it works for you. this expansion of consciousness and this experience is precious as a basis for training):


The O.N.E. Combo Experience is the Portal and Catalyst together:


Level I - The Portal - Consists of 8 hours of video that you can watch whenever you want and watch with everyone you want to share, where you can exercise this innate ability and be able to facilitate this interaction with friends and family in an amateur way.


Level II - The Catalyst - It is the professional level and is in-person. You need to have seen Level I and received a Reconnective Healing® session. Composed of two days of live exploration and immersion with these frequencies of energy, light and information, TheReconnection's teaching team and a group of explorers and curious people such as you!



Level III - Evolution - Learning to facilitate Personal Reconnection® implies already being a Reconnective Healing® professional and being already reconnected. It's 2 days of intense and demanding work but definitely magical and rewarding!

The Catalyst
Live Level II


May, 15th and 16th, 2021

Promotional Price

900€ + Vat 23%

until March, 15th, 2021*

*includes The Portal

The Evolution
Live Level III

Learn how to facilitate the Personal Reconnection®

RCPP - Porto

English and Portuguese

January, 16th & 17th, 2021