With just one session you will be able to experience a different, broader and more coherent state of consciousness, and in the days and weeks after it, you will be able to experience a different perception of yourself and life with discoveries at all levels.


Reconnective Healing® frequencies restore our original connection to our essence, allow us to tune instinctively with our highest version, facilitate the constant discovery of the true potential of our vibrational signature, and intensify our power of co -creation, according to the rhythms and flow of the universe.

Distant Sessions

Reconnective Healing® distant sessions work just like in-person sessions. The Reconnective Healing® process happens out of time and space as it follows quantum laws. Its effect at a distance can be explained by the quantum entanglement phenomenon.


Once you have your questions answered, we will be able to schedule the session for when you are in a place where you can be quiet, without interruption. Before and after the distant sessions we will talk on the phone. During the session we will hang up the call and talk again at the end. As always, I will always be available for you on your discoveries in the days and months after, with no extra costs. The answers are always inside you, but in this exploration of Reconnective Healing frequencies, to have me contextualising your experiences and helping you to find your own answers, is a factor that helps you receive more from your investment. 


The price per Reconnective Healing session facilitated by me is 120€. You can receive one to three sessions in a row, but only one is needed to get into this process. Only you decide how many. There are no diagnosis or prescriptions in our interaction. The session are 30 minutes long, and during that time, with your eyes closed, you might be able to feel these frequencies in you, and dive into a inner experience of yourself, in a deep way. It might happen that you don´t feel anything, and that´s all right, because the process always starts and everyone benefits from it, and you will, at some point of the process, recognise it. 


After that, you should observe more than two months to be aware of everything you have received from your session or your group of sessions. This process is subtle but palpable and very real. Your attention in this process feeds it and extends it in time. My role is to help you recognise it and feed it by yourself, until you are fully aware of it.  


Because Reconnective Healing is not a treatment, therapy or a technique, our focus is on the process and not on a specific outcome or expectation. My roel is also to put you in a state of expectancy, for you to open up for a higher, wider experience, that will bring you to a higher emotional, mental and physical balance. If you pursue this process with your attention, you will gain fundamental tools - for ever! - that will allow you to  balance yourself on your own, without depending on any one else. 


One of the important characteristics of Reconnective Healing, is that I don't need to know anything about the reason you schedule a session. I am trainned to deep listen but you dont have to share anything you dont want to, to be able to fully receive all the benefits from it. Not speaking too much about your situation - good or bad - is also good because it allows you to step back from your mental narrative and open yourself for a higher, major process of knowing more of your essence .  

Contact me by WhatsApp: (+351) 917 525 478 for more information and/or appointments.

Distant Sessions

My usual place of work is Porto, where I would be delighted to welcome you to facilitate your Reconnective Healing® or Personal Reconnection® sessions.


I usually travel to Lisbon to facilitate sessions, periodically announcing the available dates. If you are outside Porto or Lisbon, don't be discouraged. You are always able to receive sessions facilitated by me at a distance. 


I will always be available for you on your discoveries in the days and months after.

Contact me by WhatsApp: (+351) 917 525 478 for more information and / or appointments.