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Cristina Ramalho

Today I am a woman with a mission, which pervades all aspects of my life, even in what we consider to be unimportant details. My mission is to exercise my active attention on my energetic state/spiritual state, so that I can maintain a state of vigilant awareness of my ego's narrative. This allows me to relate to others on a soul level.


By connecting with everyone on a soul level, it makes me see the divine in the other before any particularity or aspect of their personality. This makes the other, even if not yet able to see the divine in himself, instinctively remember it when he feels observed and celebrated by me. It is in that remembering, in that recognition, that the discovery of who you are can begin – not what you do, what you truly ARE! And in that discovery, your path clears up, where you can live the life you love and use your forgotten power to co-create your reality. From leaving resistance to flowing in harmony with the natural flow of the universe.


I walked a thousand paths that weren't mine, I lost myself in the footsteps of others, I experienced 43 years of intense and painful search for tranquility that would calm the inner volcano that tormented me. On these paths that were not mine, I got to know, learn and grow a lot, and in the eagerness of my curiosity and my apprentice spirit, I searched, investigated and studied tirelessly - and I continue to do so - which allowed me to systematize and outline the points that were fundamental for me to find the peace that now lives in my chest. From my mission I also made my professional activity that allows me a constant improvement and predisposes me to my investigations in matters of the soul.


My bases are my learning and my Masters: my guide, Archangel Uriel, full consciousness of Light, who opens the doors for my conscience to rise to pure messages of love and truth. And who guide me to the wisdom of Lao Tzu, JJ Hurtak, Eckhart Tolle, Eric Pearl, Lee Caroll and many, many others. Everything I learned about spirituality I owe it to Them. If you ask me with what energy, after all, I work, my scientific answer would be “with total light”. In current language, defined as the energy of true unconditional love. That's why I don't work with technique, but with the so-called Reconnective Healing/Reconnective Healing® frequencies, which free you from the need to have knowledge in order to evolve and allow everyone to instinctively remember how to interact with them and find their true path. .


This website and all the information it contains – and which I will always update – are the result of in-depth research, experimentation and analysis. You will find here the solutions that I propose so that you can also evolve your consciousness in an accelerated way and reach elevated states of being in a fast and consistent way, without having to spend as much time as I did to discover them.

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My story 

Cristina Ramalho was born in Porto in 1971, and lived her childhood and adolescence in Foz do Douro, within a humble family. With a fighting spirit, his parents insisted on offering him the best education possible, having attended Colégio Nossa Senhora do Rosário, and he enrolled in the Economics Course at Universidade Portucalense, in 1991. He entered the job market as Secretary of Management at family business while attending the 3rd year of the Economics Course, having married that same year. In 1997, she completed her degree, pregnant with her second child, shortly after becoming Administrative and Financial Director. In 2002, he attended the Post-Graduation in Taxation, adding consultancy services to his activities. In 2007, she opened her own service company, moving from Director to Consultant.


Always curious about the human condition, and as a result of his difficult conditions and circumstances, over the years he has deepened his knowledge in religious and spiritual philosophies and quantum physics. Between 2010 and 2012, he attended three semesters of the Psychology Course, which he interrupted when, in 2013, Personal Reconnection came to him as a way to achieve his own balance, which he had always sought.


After her Personal Reconnection and after reading the book “The Reconnection: Heal others, Heal yourself” she was astonished to be able to perceive and feel the frequencies in her hands intensely, a perception that impelled her to follow the activity facilitator of Reconnective Healing® sessions, having attended that same year, 2013, Dr. Eric Pearl. It was also in that same year that he decided to abandon his former professional activity and dedicate himself exclusively to growing and evolving as a witness to this innate way of facilitating healing processes.


I'm always interested in interviews, presentations, mentorships, debates or any other partnership situation. Contact me!

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