program and its requirements described here and I understand that Dr. Eric Pearl will not be attending this event. I understand that I must pay in one of the following ways:

 - By Paypal via this link

 - By bank transfer to the account IBAN DE76100110012625110998, belonging to Cristina Ramalho,  Bank N26, BIC: NTSBDEB1XXX.

The amount to be transferred to this account will be one of these options:

 - For the Combo O.N.E Experience Porto: € 890, which includes both levels. 

 - For for Level II Only:  € 800 because I already have an account and Level I.

I understand that I must send proof of this transfer referring to the name of the person who completed the form, as well as their taxpayer number, to issue the invoice, to:

In the case of payment in installments, I understand that only in the payment of the last installment will I have access to Level I and, subsequently, Level II, the Immersion Program.