As required by current legislation, this Contingency Plan was prepared based on the following Guidelines and Information from the Portuguese General Directorate of Health:

- Guideline Nº 011/2020, 03/21/2020
- Guideline Nº 014/2020, 3/21/2020
- Norm Nº 004/2020, 03/23/2020
- Guideline Nº 019/2020, 03/04/2020
- Information Nº 009/2020, 4/13/2020

Since this event will take place in Hotel Ipanema, all these rules are in accordance with its Contingency Plan and all participants of PORTO ONE EXPERIENCE must wear a mask and disinfect their hands at the entrance of the hotel, as well as keep the physical distance.

Preventive Measures

Physical Distance

The organization of this event ensured enough space, allowing the physical distance of all participants.  There will be instructions for coordinating entries and exits and respective check-in and check-out.

Distribution and Use of Masks and Disinfectant

A kit with the following items will be distributed to all participants:

- Approved Mask
- Individual Disinfectant

Surface Disinfection

As our interaction is carried out without touch and at a distance, the only surface used by several participants are the massage tables. These will be disinfected at each rotation (raising one participant and laying down another) by volunteers present at the venue.

The cleaning and disinfection of the bathrooms used by the participants is the responsibility of the Hotel and follows its Contingency Plan.

Suspicious Case

In the event that a suspicious case is detected, we will follow the indications of DGS Standard No. 004/2020.

Indications to Participants

Detailed information will be given to all participants, and strict compliance with all these rules will be requested throughout the event. Participants will also be asked to experience some symptoms of infection to refrain from participating in this event, and may transfer their registration to the next training course in Portugal.