Mentoring for Practitioners

If you are already a Reconnective Healing® practitioner and have any questions, need suggestions or analysis, you can contact me and arrange a face-to-face or online Q&A, or arrange a mentoring class for review a theme or review the Personal Reconnection process if you have already completed Level III.


If I have a group of interested professionals, I will open joint mentoring classes. Please contact me if you are interested.





After Level III, the RCPP, practitioners must report to an Authorized Mentor by TheReconnection for credentialing. Only after that they can facilitate Personal Reconnections. In addition, in order to maintain their status, they must repeat the credentialing every 2 years.


Biennial Credentialing


Recredentialing is required every two years to maintain Certified Professional status. Before this deadline, schedule a Credentialing session with an approved Mentor (This session is approximately 20 minutes long and costs € 45)

Successful credentialing requires you to proficiently demonstrate your ability to facilitate Personal Reconnection without instruction.


Contact me by email or phone call for more information.

Webinars, Live Performances, Speaker


If you are professional and need extra help such as making a presentation with me to your potential clients or doing a webinar with me for your online audiences, contact me.


I have services designed to help you reach that professional level you crave.


If I have a group of interested professionals I will set up online meetings / webinars for professionals only, such as a study and sharing group where we can all grow and learn. In case you are interested, please let me know.