If you already are a Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner, learn how to facilitate the unique experience of Personal Reconnection®, an expanded exchange of energy, light and information. This comprehensive certification program further expands your professional skills and allows you to facilitate Personal Reconnections.


We will soon announce dates for this Level in Portugal and in Portuguese and English, held with TheReconnection Mentor and Teaching Assistant Cristina Ramalho and Guglielmo Poli, Co-Director of the International Teaching Team of TheReconnection. 

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Upon successful completion of this 2-day live (Level III) program, upon completion of the required post-program requirements and upon passing credentialing, you will be able to obtain your Personal Reconnection®  Professional Certificate to facilitate the Personal Reconnection® recognized by TheReconnection ™.

Learn how to facilitate the unique experience of Personal Reconnection®, an expanded exchange of energy, light and information.


Deepen the concept of Reconnection, learn more about its origins, and explore in more detail the art, science, and philosophy you have been introduced to in Live Immersion and Online Reconnective Healing® Programs.



- Complete Level I and Level II

- Have the status of Foundational Reconnective Healing® Practitioner (RHFP).

- You have received your own Personal Reconnection by a Certified Personal Reconnection® Professional.






- Facilitate and document four presential Reconnective Healing® sessions and two distance Reconnective Healing® sessions, all with a “fair financial exchange” with your clients. (For documentation, include: customer's first and last name, city, state, country, and amount paid.)

- Schedule a Credentialing session with an approved mentor - no less than 30 days after your RCPP completion. (This session is approximately 20 minutes long and costs 45 euros). Successful credentialing requires that you proficiently demonstrate your ability to facilitate Personal Reconnection® without instruction - by showing that you have retained what you learned in the RCPP (Level III) live event. Credentialing is required to become a Certified Personal Reconnection® Professional who is authorised to facilitate Personal Reconnection®.


(Recredentialing is required every two years to maintain Certified Professional status.)

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