Today, I am a woman in a mission, which pervades every aspect of my life, even in what we consider to be unimportant details. My mission is to exercise my active attention on my energetic / spiritual state so that I can maintain a vigilant state of awareness of my ego narrative. This allows me to relate to others on a soul level.


Connecting with everyone on one soul level causes me to observe the divine on the other before any particularity or aspect of their personality. This makes the other, even though not yet able to see the divine in himself, instinctively remember it when he feels it observed and celebrated by me. It is in this remembering, in this recognition, that the discovery of who you are can begin - not what you do, what you truly are! And in that discovery your path is clear, where you can live the life you love and use your forgotten power to co-create your reality. Moving from resistance to flow in harmony with the natural flow of the universe.


I walked a thousand paths that were not mine, I lost myself in the footsteps of others, experienced 43 years of intense and suffering search for a tranquility that calmed the inner volcano that tormented me. In these paths that were not mine, I knew, learned and grew a lot, and in the throes of my curiosity and my spirit of apprentice, I searched, investigated and studied tirelessly - and I continue to do so - which allows me to systematize and outline the points that were fundamental for me to find the peace that lives in my chest today. From my mission I also did my professional activity which allows me to constantly improve myself and predisposes me to my investigations in the matters of the soul.


My foundations are my learning and my Masters: my guide, Archangel Uriel, full consciousness of Light, who opens the door for my consciousness to rise to pure messages of love and truth. And that guide me to the wisdom of Lao Tzu, J. J. Hurtak, Eckhart Tolle, Eric Pearl, Lee Caroll and many, many others. Everything I learned from spirituality I owe it to them. If you ask me what energy I work with, after all, my scientific answer would be "in full light." In ordinary language, I have defined it as the energy of true unconditional love. So I don't work with technique but with the so-called Reconnective Healing® frequencies, which release the need for knowledge to evolve and allow everyone to instinctively remember how to interact with them and find their true path. .


This website and all the information it contains - and which I will always update - is the result of thorough research, experimentation and analysis. Here you will find the solutions I propose so that you can also evolve consciousness rapidly and attain states of elevation quickly and consistently without having to spend as much time as I discover them. For any questions or clarifications, contact me!